Digital single "Children Story" (I Musician)
Digital single "Rastaricain" (I Musician)

Digital single "Life" (I Musician)
Digital single "Love truth" (I Musician)
CD compilation "Zero Gravity volume two" (Aucourant Records) (BMI) : including "Nostalgic" & "Feeling So free"
CD compilation "Zero Gravity three" (Aucourant Records) (BMI) : including "Formosa Boulevard"
Digital single "Pretty Girl (17years)" (I musician)

Digital EP "Burn out" by SAMBOX (I Musician)
Digital compilation "Bossa Nova Flavors" (M-Sol Records) : including SAMBOX - French cuba (cala mix)
Digital compilation "Dream Melodies" (Papa Musique) : including SAMBOX - Solar Wind
Digital compilation "Trip To Paris Lounge" (Chill 'N Chill Records) : including SAMBOX -  French cuba (cala mix)
Digital single "Café Chic" by SAMBOX (I musician)
Digital compilation "Stay At Home vol 2" ; including SAMBOX - L'amour qui chante (Papa Musique) 
Digital compilation "Cocktail vol 5" : including SAMBOX - Accabou (Papa Musique)
Compilation CD "Côte d'Azur vol 4" : including SAMBOX - Jitterbug (Papa Musique / Halidon)
Digital compilation "Oriental eyes vol 2" : including SAMBOX - Arabic spring (Papa Musique)
Digital single "Le son du Miramar" by SAMBOX (I musician)

Digital single "Lindy Hop" by SAMBOX (Concorde Avenue)
Digital compilation "Desert Wind Vol 2" : including SAMBOX - Maquâm (Papa Musique)
Digital compilation "Les Chansons In Lounge vol 3" : including SAMBOX - L'Amour Qui Chante (Papa Musique)
Digital album "Guest Star" by SAMBOX (IM Electronica)
Digital single "Show Me" by SAMBOX  (IM Electronica)
Digital album "Suite Montaigne" by SAMBOX (I Musician) 
Compilation CD "Soul Lounge Vol 2" : including SAMBOX - Accabou (Papa Musique / Smilax Publishing)
Digital album "7ème arrondissement" by SAMBOX (IM Electronica)
Digital Album "Love Feelings" by SAMBOX (IM Electronica)
Digital album "La Parisienne" by SAMBOX (IM Electronica)
Digital EP " Souvenir d'enfance" by SAMBOX (I Musician)
CD compilation "Côte D'Azur vol 3" : including SAMBOX - Via Dinarica (Papa Musique / Smilax Publishing)


Digital album "Fashion Jazz" by SAMBOX (Concorde Avenue)
Compilation CD "Ristorante Regina Elena - 10TH Anniversary"  : including SAMBOX - Liar In Love
Compilation CD "Musica Del Sol Vol 3" : including SAMBOX - French Cuba (cala mix) (M Sol records)
Compilation CD "Ibiza Beats vol 11" : including SAMBOX - You Broke My Hearth / SAMBOX - Villa Margot / SAMBOX - You're Beautiful
Compilation CD "Il Salotto Della Torre" : including SAMBOX - You Broke My Hearth 
Digital Single "Ka Fè Cho" by SAMBOX (Concorde Avenue)
Digital album "Mille Métis" by SAMBOX (Papa Musique)
Digital compilation "Paris In Love" : including SAMBOX - L' Amour qui chante (Papa Musique)
Digital compilation "On The Road To Damascus" : including SAMBOX - Arabic Spring (Papa Musique) 
Digital compilation "Les Chansons In Lounge vol 2" : including SAMBOX - Sometimes (acoustic mix) (Papa Musique)
Compilation CD "Café Solaire 26" : including SAMBOX - Jazz Transat (Soulstar records) 
Digital compilation "Night In New York" : including SAMBOX - Accabou (Papa Musique)
Digital compilation "London Jazz Club" : including SAMBOX - Accabou (Papa Musique)


Digital album "Freedom World" by SAMBOX (Concorde Avenue)
Compilation CD "Café Solaire 25" : including SAMBOX - Inner Beauty (soulstar records) 
Compilation CD "Obsession Lounge 10" : including SAMBOX - Classic Deep (turkish mix) (Clubstar)

Compilation CD "Tiburon Beach Club Formentera 25 YRS" : including SAMBOX - A Soft Man (Royal Plastic)
Compilation CD "Café Solaire 24" : including SAMBOX - Better Blues (soulstar records)

Compilation CD "Daydreamer Vol 1" : including SAMBOX - Supermen (Ganser & Hanke Media)
Compilation CD "Golden Lounge 2" : including SAMBOX - Keep Love (Clubstar)
Compilation CD "Jockey Club Ibiza Session 12" : including SAMBOX - Close To Me (concorde avenue mix) (Royal Plastic)
Compilation CD "Wonnemeyer Mare Vol 11" : including SAMBOX - L'Océan Café (High Music) 
Compilation CD "Jondals Jewels Vol 3" ; including SAMBOX - I Don't Love You No More
Compilation CD "Good Times - Limited Kare Edition" : including SAMBOX - Manhattan Jazz (Royal Plastic)
Compilation CD "Cosmopolis" : including SAMBOX - Supermen (Smilax Publishing / warner)

Compilation CD "Sommerlust" : including SAMBOX - Kiss From New Orleans (Sine Music)
Compilation CD "Hotel Es Vivé Spa Ibiza" : including SAMBOX - Taman Sari (Seamless Recordings)
Compilation CD "Café Solaire 22" : including SAMBOX - Break Drink (blues mix) / SAMBOX - Perfection On This World (Soulstar Records)
Compilation CD "Kanto Music vol 3" : including SAMBOX - Break Drink (blues mix) / SAMBOX - Right Back (Deep City Grooves - Artlab Music and Media)
Compilation CD "Obsession Lounge 8" : including SAMBOX - Hatchway For You (Clubstar)
Compilation CD "Alpenchic 15" : including SAMBOX - L'Océan Café (4 records)

Compilation CD "Lar Da Criança Domingos Savio" : including SAMBOX - We Can Fly
Compilation CD "Dubai Eklektic 3" : including SAMBOX - Liar In Love (Avril prod / Naïve)
Compilation CD "Lapis Thai 4" : including SAMBOX - Mahabhârata / SAMBOX - Feel Me (deep mix) (High Note Records)
Compilation CD "Obsession Lounge 7" : including SAMBOX - I Like When You Kiss Me (Clubstar)
Compilation CD "Le Café Abstrait Vol 10" : including SAMBOX - L'Océan Café (Stereo Deluxe)
Compilation CD "After Work Chill House" : including SAMBOX - Love Complicated (High Note Records)
Compilation CD "Coffee and Chill Music Vol 4" : including SAMBOX - Villa Margot (Karmaloft Music)
Compilation CD "China Moon" : including SAMBOX - Villa Margot (SHOW-B Entertainment)

Compilation CD "Chillout Guide vol 2" : including SAMBOX - Right Back (Ministry Of Sound)
Compilation CD "Obsession Lounge vol 6" : including SAMBOX - Mahabhârata (Clubstar)
Compilation CD "Song From A Secret Garden" : including SAMBOX - Right Back (High Note Records)
Compilation CD "Church Lounge Vol 3" : including SAMBOX - Theravâda (Bernd Blum)
Compilation CD "Le Cafe Abstrait Vol 9" : including SAMBOX - Solstice (Embassy of Music) (Warner)
Compilation CD "Café Solaire 20" : including SAMBOX - Feel Me (deep mix) / SAMBOX - Saxy Girl (deep mix) / SAMBOX - Baila Mas (Soulstar Records)
Compilation CD "Alpenchic 13" : including SAMBOX - Theravâda (4 records)
Compilation CD "Das Tegernsee" : including SAMBOX - Patchouli (SHOW-B Entertainment)


Compilation CD "Klassik Lounge werk 9" : including SAMBOX - Feel Me (High Music)
Compilation CD "Café Solaire 19" : including SAMBOX - Kisses / SAMBOX - Feel Me (Soulstar Records)
Compilation CD "Bulle de Détente pour les Belles de jour & les Belles de Nuits" : including SAMBOX - Solstice / SAMBOX - Lojong (Vox terrae)
Compilation CD "Dubai Eklektic 2" : including MARGA SOL - Serenade (Sambox deep remix) (Avril prod / Naive)
Compilation CD "Ristorante Regina Elena" : including SAMBOX - L'Océan Café
Compilation CD "Alpenchic 12" : including SAMBOX - Do You Love Me (4 records)


Compilation CD "Buddhattitude V Alaafiya" : including SAMBOX - African Dream / SAMBOX - Rising Sun (George V Records)
Compilation CD "Cafe Del 30 Anniversary" : including SAMBOX - Quiet Lounge (Coco Entertainment)
Digital EP "le Voyage Abstrait presents Vargo" : including SAMBOX - Solstice (Ambient Domain)
Compilation CD "Wonnemeyer 7" : including SAMBOX - Pleasure Shower (High Music)
Compilation CD "Porsche Design Global Grooves 2" : including SAMBOX - Dream For The Night (Nostrum Medienagentur)
Compilation CD "Café Solaire 18" : including SAMBOX - A Soft Man / SAMBOX - Manhattan Jazz (Soulstar records)
Digital compilation "Bar Lounge Classics 01" : including SAMBOX - We Can Fly / SAMBOX - Theravâda (Sony Music)
Digital compilation "Latin Lounge Club Vol 1" : including MARGA SOL - Serenade (Sambox deep remix) (Wax N Soul)
Compilation CD "Liquid Sound Vol 3" : including SAMBOX - Into The Dream (Lemongrass Music)
Compilation CD "BR - Space Night - The Journey Continues" : including SAMBOX - Shikantaza (Speicherstadt) (Tonpool)
Digital compilation "Bar Lounge Classics 02" : including SAMBOX - Setting Sun (Sony Music)
Compilation CD "Alpenchic 11" : including SAMBOX - See The Light (Universal Music)
Compilation CD "Kunst & Technologie Nummer 6" : including SAMBOX - French Deep Avenue (lounge version) (Nostrum Medienagentur)


Digital compilation : "Musicheads lounge Collection Vol 1 : included Marga Sotirovska (Sambox deep remix) (Diventa recordings)
Digital album : Lounge Feelings (Alien prod)
Compilation CD "Le Cafe Abstrait Vol 6" included SAMBOX - Rising Sun (Abstrait Music)
Compilation CD "Cafe Solaire Vol 16" : included SAMBOX - Patchouli (Soulstar records)
Compilation CD "Sensual Sound Seasons" : included SAMBOX - Patchouli (Jondaljazz)
Compilation CD "Blue Marlin Ibiza Vol 3" included SAMBOX - French Cuba (Bigcitybeats)
Compilation CD "Porsche Design Global Grooves 1" : included SAMBOX - The French Lounge (Nostrum Medienagentur)
Compilation CD "Klassik Lounge 8" : included SAMBOX - Black Deep (lounge mix) (High Music)
Compilation CD "Café Solaire 17" : included SAMBOX - Black Deep (lounge mix) / ALAN MEAN - Fantasy (Sambox Lounge mix) (Soulstar records)
Compilation CD "Relaxing Moments For You" : included SAMBOX - We Can Fly (Adcom / 4 records)
Digital EP : Marga Sol - Serenade (Sambox Deep mix) (Diventa recordings)
Digital EP : Lorenzo Al Dino Feat Beverley T (Sambox deep mix) (Tricircle Recordings)


Compilation CD "One Moments Of Calm" : included SAMBOX - We can Fly (Adcom / 4 records)
Digital compilation : "Diventa City Lights" : included SAMBOX - Keep Love (Diventa recordings / Concorde Avenue)
Compilation CD "Blue Marlin Ibiza Vol 2" : included SAMBOX - French Deep Avenue (lounge version) (Bigcitybeats)
Compilation CD "Cafe Solaire Vol 15" : included SAMBOX - Smooth Jazz // SAMBOX - We Can Fly (Soulstar records)

Digital EP : Dj Floy - Over The Hills (SAMBOX Deep Mix) (Tricircle Recordings)
Digital EP : Alan Mean - Influence (SAMBOX Deep Mix) (202 digital)


Digital EP : Make me hot (Concorde Avenue) + clip video
Album digital : Deep feelings (Paprika records)
EP vinyl/digital : Dj Floy - Soul nation (SAMBOX Deep Mix)(Sucasa)
Digital EP : Alan mean - Fantasy (SAMBOX Lounge Mix) (Concorde Avenue)

Compilation CD "Acid jazz" : included SAMBOX - Morning jazz (Diamond records)

Maxi cd/vinyl : Pretty girl (Le mobilier sonore)